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Why Should you hire us?

  • We play a mix of ambient space rock which fills and livens up the entire venue. Seriously, give us a try.
  • We have an hour's set list and constantly expanding.
  • We are a 3 peice band, and we aren't expensive to hire.
  • We need minimal stage gear. We bring our own in-ear monitoring systems, live-looping station and audio interface.
  • We are well behaved, on time and are insusceptible to drunken endevours.

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Akash Murthy


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Inside the confines of nomenclature, comes division and segregation, hopelessly tormenting the have's from the have not's. When you break away that barrier, you find yourself amidst a parade of bands, wonderfully different from each other, sharing one, among other things, in common, ambience. Ambience so rich and fluid you can breath it in, cut it with a knife, lick it even!

We, with our limited scope and knowledge, have compiled a list of ambient bands in India, ranging from post-rock, electro, math, funk, progressive, metal. Are you bent towards some semblance? In the mood for some timid aberration? Start from the top. Discover something new today.

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